About us

GUSCOM AG was founded in 2003. Back in 2002, our team of specialists of the IT, hotel, restaurant and retail sectors have developed our product guscom.POS. Since that time, it was adjusted to the work flow of restaurants, catering firms and shops of all kind.

As a result, guscom.POS is available for you – our software that is platform independent and that is amended and extended on an ongoing basis. It is our business philosophy to offer profes- sionalism and modern, demand-oriented tech- nology combined with friendly quality service, flexibility and reliability.

Ideas and requests from clients and staff as well as changes in the market are implemented in a timely and uncomplicated manner. We appreciate to receive and discuss your requirements and ideas. Client satisfaction and innovation are essential for us. To underline this, we offer a number of client-focused services: from 24/7 client support to data warehouse solutions for chain firms and finally to consulting.