Software for POS systems: guscom.SHOP

guscom.SHOP is the version for shops of all kinds such as boutiques, flower shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, take-aways and photo shops. It is a space-saving, flexible and easy-to-use POS system and offers all the usual functions of a retail cash system with customer display, scanner and cash drawer.

Even the basic version includes many features such as:

  • Article management
  • Automatic layout
  • Artikelverwaltung
  • Customer management
  • Discounts
  • Employee management
  • Flexible layout design
  • Interface to regular POS peripherals such as customer display, scanner or cash drawer
  • Macro article
  • SplittingVoucher management

Additional features and applications are:

  • Administration tool
  • Messaging
  • Reporting